Programming Textfiles

Anything having to do with the programming of computers, or how to approach programming computers, and not covered by other sections, is stuck here. That means you might find a lot of similar information in the Apple section, or even in the computers section. A good portion of these files might seen out of date or irrelevant, but in fact show the initial approaches to programming concepts (like cryptography, artifical intelligence, and security) that apply very strongly to this day.

Description of the Textfile
AIArtificial Intelligence Textfiles
AMIGAProgramming and Software information on the Amiga
CARDSBowen's Incredible Instruction Set Summary Cards
CRYPTOGRAPHYInformation on Cryptography or Politics Surrounding Cryptography
FORMATSFiles Presenting Different Programming Formats
FUZZYLOGICFiles about Fuzzy Logic
24hrs.txt 15905
Some Opinions on Leaving Your Computer On 24 Hours a Day and Mounting Your Machine Sideways, 1990
25th_ann.uni 59526
On the Evolution of Unix and the Automation of Telephone Support Operations by Ronda Hauben
3drotate.txt 18307
Three Dimensional Rotations for Computer Graphics, by Lithium of VLA
3dshade.txt 11504
Three Dimensional Shading in Computer Graphics by Lthium of VLA
4dostips.txt 3297
4DOS Specific Information and Tips
6309.ex 32254
A Memo on the Secret Features of 6309
6502.txt 84034
Information about the 6502 taken from a 6510 Commodore 64 Manual
6502bugs.txt 3493
Information on 6502 Bugs, from Ivo van Poorten (November 2, 1994)
6502guid.txt 30776
Learning Assembly in One Stp from RTK (July 23rd, 1997)
65816.std 87151
A Proposed Assembly Language Syntax For 65c816 Assemblers by Randall Hyde
65xxx.drm 37725
The 65C816 Dream Machine
8080.op 5237
Summary of 8080 Instructions
86bugs.lst 119004
Harald Feldmann's 86BUGS List (November 3, 1994) 13684
The American Animation Institute 1987 Class Schedule (WHAT?)
abacus.txt 9021
Why the Hell Would You Learn Programming?
acronyms.txt 5392
ACRONYMS (and things that look like them)
addrbook.txt 16866
DOCUMENTATION: The Cyberpunk's Address Book v1.01 by Robert D. Bouman (February 4, 1994)
address.txt 23504
Understanding Effective Addresses in Assembly
adv_ex65.txt 22219
Advanced 6502 Assembly Code Examples by M.J. Malone
adventur 6975
Adventure: More Parsing, by Bob Wiber
amickpt.txt 5404
Checkpoint Codes for Pre April 1990 American Megatrends BIOS Chips
ansi.txt 7708
How to Make ANSI by Def Leppard
ansi_tut.txt 16128
Using the ANSI Driver by C. Scot Giles 3208
ANSI Codes Demystified
ansikode.txt 7033
ANSI Codes that COM: Responds to
antidbg.txt 17460
Anti-Debugging Tricks by Inbar Raz 6928
Release 1 of the Anti-"Anti Debugging Tricks" Article
arc.txt 3025
The Commodore ARC Format: A Description
archives.txt 147955
BBS Messages: Archives Sub Board, Magpie
arkive.txt 2096
The Commodore Arkive Format: An Overview
article.txt 12700
Skysurfing the 'Net by Bradley C. Spatz (January 15, 1995)
artnotes.txt 8216
Thoughts about Making Graphics Look Good
ascii.ipa 23531
Representing IPA Transcriptions in ASCII 3120
The Captain's Log ASCII List
ascii.tbl 2148
An ASCII Code Table
asciicod.txt 9888
ASCII Codes for the TRS Model 100 65590
IBM PC Assembly Tutorial, by Joshua Auerbach
asmtutor.txt 72327
IBM Personal Computer Assembly Language Tutorial by Joshua Auerbach, Yale University 16512
Assembly Programming Tutorial
assembly.txt 32361
An Assembly Language Tutorial for the Radio Shack Model 100 by Mike Berro (1984)
astrainer.txt 241350
The VGA Trainer Program by Denthor of Asphyxia (1994)
asttechnical.txt 342270
VERY Large Collection of AST Technical Bulletins from 1991-1993
att3b1.faq 75774
attrib.txt 11444
Character Attributes on Video Boards for the IBM PC
author.faq 4636
FAQ: MS-DOS Programmers Frequently Asked Questions (December 17, 1995)
avoid_gw.txt 2597
Simple Way to Detect Game Wizard!
babel92a.txt 79153
BABEL: A Listing of Computer-Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms, by Irving Kind (1991)
babel93c.txt 99487
BABEL: A Listing of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
baldwin.lst 3675
AWK as a C Code Generator by Wahhab Baldwin
balli.txt 5888
How a Ballistics Program Works (Or How to Calculate a Trajectory Chart) by R. White
basictip.txt 6588
A Treatise on the Efficient and Elegant Use of Basic on the TRS-80 Model 100 by Richard Horowitz
bat&conf.txt 7401
Batch and Configuration Files in DOS: Some Tips and Tricks
begunix.hac 337327
Good Solid UNIX Tutorial
berens.lst 12520
C Procedure Tables by Tim Berens
biblio 9338
Programmer's Technical Reference for MSDOS and the IBM PC by Dave Williams (January 12, 1992)
biocontr.txt 12585
Bio-Control by Neural Networks: Summary of a Workshop by the NSF (May 16-18, 1990)
bios&mb.txt 5755
Some BIOS and Motherboard Specific Information for PC Compatibles 10135
AMI 286 and 386 BIOS Release Notes (September 25, 1988) 29842
A BIOS Diagnosis Manual 1428
List of Available AMI BIOS Products (1988)
boardtst.asm 2719
A Project Board Test Program in 6502 Assembly by M.J. Malone
bourne1.txt 597768
User Bourne Shell Programming, a Manual (February 7, 1991)
breinhar.txt 37426
SUMMARY PAPER: An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security
buster.txt 17174
The Nag-Buster (Documentation) from Erik Famm(1994)
c-easy.txt 9573
C Made Easier Lesson #4 from the Not (January 15, 1991)
c-ser-1.txt 11724
C Programming Series Issue #1 by Pazuzu *April 21, 1993)
c.commandments 2192
The 10 Commandments for C Programmers by Henry Spencer
cable.txt 18631
A Quick Guide to Computer Cables by Bill becwar 35748
Living With DOS: Disk Caches by Barry Simon 3043
A list of Patents Referring to Cellular Automata
ccittstu.txt 1581
The Line Signals in CCITT Systems
cellular.txt 3207
A Noah's Ark Program, by Rudy Rucker
cguide_3.txt 440893
The IBM PC Programmer's Guide to C 3rd Edition by Matthew Probert
cistips1.txt 33787
CIS Threads #1: Interesting Threads from the TRS Model 100 Forum Messages (1987) by Phil Wheeler
cmos.lst 25621
The CMOS Memory Map v1.23 (June 1994) by Padgett Peterson
compfile.txt 31473
Compressing Your Executables: Something for Nothing? By Dickford Cohn
computer.lis 21593
Every Digital Computer Type Ever Made, 1992
computin.pwr 12091
List of the world's most powerful computing sites as of 11-JAN-1993 33015
Comrap's Guide to Remote Database Systems for New Users 37888
Getting Started as a Computer Consultant
copro15.txt 250656
Everything You Wanted to know about Math Coprocessors
counterc 85855
Hacking Away at the Counterculture by Andrew Ross
cpsr-pla 50050
A Computer and Information Technologies Platform 9129
Modem Protocol Proposal, CRC Extension
crc.txt 91339
A Painless Guide to CRC Error Detection Alhorithms, by Ross N. Williams (August 19, 1993)
crenshawtut.txt 680905
Jack Crenshaw's Tutorial on Compiler Consuction 1-15 (1989, Re-Edited 1994) 2876
Crash Protecting GBBS II
cshell.hrm 14135
CSH Programming is Considered Harmful
cshelldoc.hac 60672
An introduction to the C shell by William Joy (Needs Editing)
cspiral.txt 5649
The Trick of the Clockwise/Spiral Rule by David Anderson (1994)
ctty.txt 2930
Information on the DOS CTTY Program, by Dan Derrick (February 21, 1984)
cyberpunk.txt 3347
Manifesto of the Cyberpunks by Wyze1
cyrix.cp 27085
Compatibility issues Cyrix Cx486SLC/DLC as compared to the Intel 80486SX 31236
Performance Comparison Intel 386DX, Intel RapidCAD, C&T 38600DX, Cyrix 486DLC
ddt.ord 179918
DDT: A Manual for DDT by ITS HACTRN (1990)
debug.txt 34304
A Tutorial on the Use of DEBUG on the IBM PC 46536
Introduction to using the DECSYSTEM-20 by Dundee College of Technology
demo3.txt 6288
Demos - only for Europe? / Celebrandil of PHA
desdebug.txt 25598
Suggested Programming Style and Debugging Methods Using DR6502 by M.J. Malone
diagcode.txt 11392
Listing of IBM PC Diagnostic Error Codes
diagnose.txt 18305
An Introduction to Troubleshooting Your IBM PC by Jerry Schneider 11239
A Collection of Disk Myths for Apple II Disks
dma_rti.txt 14835
How to Program the DMA by Night Stalker of Rage Technologies, Inc.
dma_vla.txt 13826
An Introduction to DMA by Draeden of VLA
dod 8014
Application of Virtual Reality to Weapon System Concept Evaluation in a Distributed Simulation Environment (July, 1992)
dos6.txt 27778
DOS 6: The Real Story, by The Brother-In-Law 586596
DOS Technical Information Manual/Programming Technical Reference, by Dave Williams
dr6502.txt 76888
Documentation for DR6502: A 6502 Software and Hardware Execution Simulator System bu M.J. Malone
dr6502rm.txt 1881
Supplementary Notes about DR6502 by M.J. Malone
dstone.c 11750
The DHRYSTONE Benchmark Program Source Code (January 6, 1986)
dts.txt 14481
Documentation for DTS/DTR Test Programs
easter.egg 75563
The Easter Egg Hunt Results (Computer Easter Eggs) by Joe Morris (July 12, 1993) 19511
Summary of Text Editor Features
edoe.txt 17564
E.D.O.E a Unified View of Computing by T. Dunlop 6528
IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter EGA BIOS Interface Routines 17920
Extended Graphics Adaptor Technical Info
endian.dc 37959
Danny Cohen's Article in which he popularized the terms 'Big Endian' and 'Little Endian' 9984
Enhancing PC Disk Performance by Bruce Schafer
epidemic.ctl 39001
Secure Distributed Databases for Epidemiological Control by D.S. Stodolsky (October 29, 1989)
epstein.txt 19968
Neural Nets Improve Hospital Treatment Quality and Reduce Expenses, by Jeannette Lawrence
equation.txt 4200
A Whole Bunch of Theoretical Equations by Erik Von Francis 4186
A Comment on Error Traps
ethics.txt 15203
The Professional Code of Ethics of the International Programmers' Guide
etvirus.txt 3168
Virus On Computer Disks Spurs Elek-Tek to Order Recall, by Wilma Randle (January 18, 1992)
eurochar.txt 12435
The Care and Feeding of Foreign Characters by Alex Gross (1991)
exam1_65.txt 9588
6502 Assembly Code Examples by M.J. Malone
exam2_65.txt 20535
Additional Examples of 6502 Assembly Code by M.J. Malone 8090
Fast Lane Modems (14.4k! YEAH!)
fix1faq.txt 17510
How to use Fixed Point (16.16) Math (Part 1 of 2), by Night Stalker (March 12, 1995)
fix2faq.txt 18260
How to use Fixed Point (16.16) Math (Part 2 of 2), by Night Stalker (March 12, 1995)
flt-sim.mod 1834
Flight Simulator RGB Modifications by Andrew Tuline
foolproofhack.txt 17203
Foolproof and the Subsequent Destruction Thus Thereof
foregole.txt 25563
The Story of GOLEM XIV: The Most Incredible Computer
formulas.prn 8943
A Collection of Interesting Formulas of use to Computer Programmers
fpbiblio.txt 103813
Bibliography of Material on Floating Point Arithmetic
fraud 9916
Messages Discussing the Weirdness of the Stage.Dat File on Prodigy (1991)
freeware.txt 6933
Interview and Overview of Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation (1993)
fuzzy2.txt 1947
A Quick Explanation of Fuzzy Logic
gamework.txt 4039
An Introduction to Careers in Computer Games by Bill Armintrout (August 8, 1994)
gesture.txt 17437
Power Glove Gesture Recognition (Nintendo Power Glove)
gif_defn.txt 85509
The Compuserve GIF89a Specification Programming Reference
gif_info.txt 4597
What is GIF? By Compuserve, May 28, 1987
gitr01.txt 30264
The Mathematics of Three-Dimensional Manipulations and Transformations by Trip V. Reece (June 1992)
gla-91o 687251
USENET Postings About Hooking Nintendo Powergloves to Atari STs (October 12, 1991)
glossary.386 2310
A Glossary for the Intel 386
gnu-codi 11973
A General Overview on Suggested Standards for GNU Coding
gnu-ms.txt 13312
MSDOS file for the GNUish MSDOS project by the Free Software Foundation (January 30, 1992)
gpib.txt 12032
Using a Printer Port for Simple GPIB/IEEE-488 Operation by Sydex (1990)
gravity.txt 16047
Discussions about Gravity and Accurate Jumping 3112
Nationwide Ground To Air Stations
guide.txt 85191
The Programmer's Guide by Nelson Ford (January 1989)
guide1991.txt 186161
A Programmer's Guide, by Nelson Ford (1991)
hackcequick.txt 3897
Hacking Quickmail for Macintosh, by the Brighter Buccaneer (February 28, 1995)
hexearl.txt 7091
Welcome to the Adventures of Earl! By Mke Graham (April 20th, 1991)
hintstip.txt 17377
Model 100 Hints and Tips
hpbook.txt 116600
PopDBF: Instant Access to X-Base Files, Verison 4.0 Users' Manual
hung.txt 15203
xBase Identifier Naming Conventions or HUNG: Hungarian Types Without the Arian, by Robert A DiFalco
ibm-keys.txt 2435
The IBM PC Special Characters
ibmbios.txt 14384
IBM PC BIOS Service Codes 7575
Cracking on the IBM PC, by Buckaroo Banzai 1963
Solution to the Fooblitzky Conspiracy
infoshee.t 19988
The Linux Information Sheet (March 17, 1993)
intercal.jok 53702
The Intercal Programming Language Reference Manual by Donald R. Woods and James Lyon (1973) (1990)
interunx.hac 355224
UNIX For Intermediate Users
intrupt.txt 38528
Interrupt Structure, by Janet Jack, J. Weaver Jr., John Cooper, Skip Gilbrech, Jim Kyle and Bob Jack (1985)
ipg.txt 15204
The International Programmers' Guild Professional Certification and Recognition for Programmers
krack.txt 12288
KRACK, the official cracking textfile, by the Cellar Elite (April 1986)
kyocera.txt 17206
An Introduction to the NEC PC8201a & PC8300 by Ron Hopkins-Lutz (October, 1994)
library.txt 1317
The Library Format: An Overview
m100_pok.txt 12608
RAM Memory Locations and Values for TRS-80 Model 100 Computers by Tony Anderson (1984)
m100hg.txt 14360
The M100 Hackers' Guide by Andy Diller (1996)
m100quic.txt 63135
The TRS-80 Model 100 Quick Reference Guide from ACD (January, 1996)
m200ram.txt 6363
Tandy 200 RAM Creation by Ken Nickerson
m200telc.txt 103778
The Tandy Model 200 Telcom Manual
m200tran.txt 20425
A T200/100 to IBM PC File Exchange from Kent Nickerson
matrix.txt 18329
Document for Matrix Toolbox Function Calls, by Patrick Ko Shu Pui
maze-faq 24880
Some Examples of Programs that Produce Mazes
memchip.txt 11262
Quick Overview of common Memory Errors on IBM-Compatible Systems 27648
The Usenet MIDI Primer 6784
Mastering Milliways Part I: Hard Drive Partitions 37416
Error Correction in Modems, and the MNP Protocol by Greag Pearson, Developer of MNP
model100.txt 4002
The TRS-80 Model 100 Page
modem.txt 2016
MODEM Specific Information: Tips and Tricks
more65.txt 20831
More 6502 Assembly Code Examples by M.J. Malone 9856
Apple Mouse Programming
msdos.txt 8827
Some MS-DOS Specific Information: Tips and Tricks
music.txt 11090
Helpful Primer on Creating Music with ANSI Codes
natural.txt 15511
Overview of a couple Natural Language Programs
nbuf.txt 20907
How to Use a Buffering FIFO Queue to Output your Graphics, from Imphobia
netcat.blurb 2645
DOCUMENTATION: Netcat Verison 1.10 12317
The American Radio Relay League Newsletter #21
noise.txt 6022
The Modem Noise Killer, Alpha Version
opcod6502.txt 12496
6502 Undocumented Opcodes Based on the Atari 8-bit 6502 Version 3.0, byFreddy offenga (May 17, 1997)
opcode65816 20655
WD65C816 Opcode Reference by Eric D. Shepherd (February 20, 1993)
optimize.txt 46316
Some Information on Optimizing Code on a 386, 486 or Pentium, by Michael Kunstelj
overview.lst 12536
Brief Description of the 256 Interripts (June 5, 1994)
paper.txt 9097
Towards Reducing the Hardware Complexity of Feature Detection-based Models (Neural Networks) by Bassem Medawar and Andrew Noetzell
pcgpe10.txt 2048184
The PC Games Programmers' Encyclopedia Version 1.0
pcpxfer.txt 18336
Recommendations Report for File Transfer via PC Pursuit (October 17, 1988)
peekpoke.txt 29389
Large List of PEEK and POKE Locations for the IBM 2190
A Poker Hands List. Yeah, perfect for the Programming Section
ports.lst 119292
XT, AT, and PS/2 I/O Port Addresses by Wim Osterhold (August 7, 1994)
procomm 7399
REVIEW: Procomm: Outstanding Telecomm by Merv Adrian
procomm2 3713
PROCOMM: Outstanding Telecomm by Merv Adrian (Part II)
protoc.hac 13184
Protocol Notes: CIS "A" Protocol
q88164.txt 6110
Introduction to Windows Programming for MS-DOS Programmers
qbasgdc1.001 24572
QuickBASIC Tutorial: Make a PACMAN Move Across the Screen!
qbasgdc1.002 38389
QuickBASIC Tutorial: Make an Role Playing Game
qikstart.txt 17510
Quick/Kick Start into DR6502 Assembly Language Programming, by M.J. Malone
qwk.txt 38941
FORMAT: QWK Mail Packet File Layout by Patrick Y. Lee (1992)
qwk_15.txt 49944
QWK Mail Packet File Layout, by Patrick Y Lee 4260
Packet Radio Links for the EASTNET8 Network
random.txt 94161
Computer Generated Random Numbers by David W. Deley (1991)
rbrown.txt 22151
Public Domain/Freeware/Shareware by Ralf Brown (A List)
release.not 103461
Differences between DecNET DOS Version 1.0 and 1.1 6815
Slams the Hayes 2400 Baud Modem, lauds the US Robotics 2400 2060
Creating a Robotic Sounding Voice
rpn.txt 12372
Understanding Reverse-Polish Notation
russell.lst 7006
A Generic Heapsort Algorithm in C by Stephen Russell
sbuf_faq.txt 36252
The S-Buffer FAQ, by Paul Nettle Version 1.0.0 (March 10, 1995)
scolicen.txt 19800
Santa Cruz Organization Special License for Ancient Unix Source
secdrv.doc 40944
DOCUMENTAITON: SecureDrive v1.3c
security.hac 164625
Improving the Security of your UNIX System by David Curry, 1990
shell_history.txt 14566
A Brief History of UNIX Shells, as well as a coimparison chart between them
showrip.rev 2557
Review of ShowRIP v3.01 by Chuck Warrix
shrware.txt 5420
What IS Shareware?
signsyst.txt 2265
Signalling Systems Around the World, from TAP and Nick Haflinger
small 3348
The Smallification Wars? Where will the Compression End? by Jerry Weichbrodt
softice.manual.txt 277539
DOCUMENTATION: SoftICE (PC Assembly Disassembler)
sort.txt 11935
Techniques of Computer Bubble Sorts
sp4rpt.hac 45895
Prototyping SP4: A Secure Data Network System Transport Protocol (National Computer Systems Laboratory) 15525
A Method of Sprite Animation, by Darren Gyles
srbediff.txt 5476
What's the Difference Between the BE3011 and SmartROM?
start65.txt 17459
Starting to Program in 6502 Assembly Code by M.J. Malone
stips.txt 9714
Scorpio's Tips and Tricks Information Files 2790
Inside Sun Raster, by Jamie Zawinksi
svgatrix.txt 30553
Some (S)VGA Tricks, from Imphobia
t102.txt 13207
Seven Year Test Results: The Tandy 102 Reduces Levels of Portable Computer Anxiety and Violence by Bick Truet, Senior Partner, Technologies Research Group
teltermz.hac 13604
Full List of Terminal Identifiers 1029
The Ten Commandments of RBBS
tesla.hac 26019
Nikola Tesla's Long Range Weapon by Oliver Nichelson
tpudoc1.txt 133300
Inside Turbo Pascal 5.5. Units, by William L. Peavy (August 11, 1990)
tr_shoot.txt 17139
Troubleshooting the 6502 Project Board by M.J. Malone
triangle.txt 7635
Converting a 3D Shape into Triangles 41831
Large List of "Easter Eggs" and Secret Messages in a lot of Computers and Products
tricks65.txt 17031
Some 6502 Tricks and Tips from M.J. Malone
trustblt.hac 14846
NCSL Bulletin: Advising users on computer systems technology, July 1990
undocbas.txt 2406
Undocumented features of TRS-80 Model 100 BASIC 4596
How to install 640k of RAM on a IBM XT motherboard
vaxlist.hac 23728
The VAX Programs List (1990)
vbbshrtc.ode 2220
VBBS Heart-Code ANSI Color Chart
vivsemacs.txt 37368
A Comparative Study of VI and Emacs from the Perspective of Novice and Regular Users, by William Knottenbelt
vrfirm.txt 8534
Companies that Manufacture VR Systems or Components
wp51.inf 20849
The Wordperfect 5.1 Bedtime Story (September 10, 1989) 15161
How to Program: A Tutorial 808799
Who's Who in Shareware, November 1994
x11games.faq 48349
List of Games for the X11 Graphics System, 18th August 1994
xit.txt 6108
DOCUMENTATION: [XiT] v2.0 by Roche' Crypt (February, 1994)
xmodem.txt 9600
The XMODEM File Transfer Protocol, by Larry Jordan
xwindow.asc 37996
Intrinsics of the X Toolkit by Todd Lainhart
xwindows.inf 30672
Information on X-Windows Terminal Emulation for PC/AT Clones by Gerolf Starke (November 19, 1991)
yaccex.asc 10293
Generating Parsers with PCYACC by Alex Lane (1989)
ymodem.txt 49446
XMODEM/YMODEM Protocol Reference by Chuck Forsberg
zappvowl.txt 4112
Inmark zApp vs. Borland Object Windows Library
zen_life.txt 124153
An Evolutionary Approach to Synthetic Biology: Zen and the Art of Creating Life by Thomas S. Ray (October 21, 1993)
zipwarn.txt 4096
MESSAGES: A Warning on PKZIP Trojan (May 15, 1989)
zmodem6.txt 105216
The ZMODEM Inter Application File Transfer Protocol, by Chuck Forsberg

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