Politics: Guns and Gun Control

The classic debate online and off, but especially online. There are guns, which are weapons that kill from a distance. In some places, you can have one, in other places, you cannot. Sometimes they do good things, and sometimes, they do bad things. What should be done? A lot of folks have a lot of ideas.

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1000pct.txt 2991
Doctors Urge Bullet Tax to Solve Gun Violence Epidemic
10mmpist.txt 16978
The FBI's 10mm Pistol, by John C. Hall of the FBI Firearms Training Unit
200-mill 11980
200 Million Guns Can't Be Ignored, by Tony Mauro
2nd.txt 126481
The Embarassing Second Amendment, by Sanford Levinson, from the Yale Law Journal
2nd_aclu 36850
Very Large File Talking about the ACLU, with a Focus on Guns
2nd_amen.dth 21475
Toward a New Understanding of the Second Amendment, by David T. Hardy
2nd_amen.gfw 4897
Repeal Second Amendment and Save Lives, by George Will
2nd_unab.jns 12201
The Unabridged Second Amendment by J. Neil Schulman
2ndamend.txt 4652
Intepreting the Meaning and Purpose of the Second Amendment by Bernadine Smith
acc-kids.txt 5506
Gun Accidents & Kids: Techniques For Prevention
anatomy.txt 9175
Anatomy of an Anti-Gun Crusade, by J. Neil Schulman
antigun.lst 15824
A Listing of Anti-Gun Organizations
antihunt.txt 4224
Some Thoughts for an Anti-Hunter (Political Editorial)
arifle2.txt 21368
The Assault Rifle: Fact and Fantasy, by Jim Thomson, GUNS Magazine (1990)
arm_bbs 2432
Welcome to the Arms Trader BBS!
armcit.txt 22233
Collection of "Armed Citizen" Clippings from American Rifleman
armdcit2.txt 9229
Additional Clippings from The Armed Citizen
ass_reg.txt 7929
California Assault Weapon Registration
ban.txt 3216
Milwaukee passes a Gun Ban
bangunpr.txt 8726
Banning Semiauto Firearms: Perception and Reality, 1989
bradyq&a.txt 3932
The Brady Bill Question and Answer (Answer, apparently, is that it sucks)
britain.jas 65730
Firearms Legislation in Great Britain, by Jan. A. Stevenson
bullseye.txt 1097
Bullseye: Every Bullet Fired by NYC Cops in 1993
caligun.law 85504
California Firearms Laws 1991 from the Department of Justice
cci.txt 7284
Parody of the 7-Day Gun Waiting Period, for Computers
cliches.txt 5641
An Outdoor Editor says the NRA is an Easy Target for the Media
control.gun 98113
The Case Against Gun Control, by David Botsford (December 23, 1992)
critguns.txt 3634
Humane Society Group Stockpiles Guns
denyguns.txt 2751
Bill to Deny Guns to Abusive Spouses (October 20, 1993)
disarmus.txt 5177
Do You Want to Know Why Public Officials are Voting to Take Away Your Firearms? By Bernadine Smith of the Second Amendment Committee
drgun.txt 3295
Why Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Guns
fazio.txt 6735
Vic Fazio Town Hall Meeting (An NRA Member gets railroaded into a meeting)
firearm.93 14989
The NRA Firearms Fact Card 1993 (February 6, 1993)
furygun.txt 9210
Gun Control as Class Warfare by Rosemary Fury
gcon-ez1.txt 6828
Why No Gun Control? By Ezra Child
gcon-ez2.txt 4885
The Role of Firearms
glock.txt 13472
The Glock Line, by Sgt. Chris Pollack
guncontr.lft 4352
Gun Control: A Libertarian outlook, bu Gerald Schneider, Ph. D.
gunrites.txt 10250
Reasonable Positions Gun Owners Take as they Give Up Our Rights by Stuart Hutchings and Larry Kahhan
guns.txt 71971
An Introduction to Gun Safes
hinckley.txt 27008
The Case Against Waiting Periods: The Hinckley Ploy Exposed
iacplet.dos 16937
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Document Discussing Weakening Right-to-Carry Legislature (1995)
ideasfor.txt 6352
Some Ideas for Plinking (Shooting) Targets
ilaccw.txt 6866
No Fire -- Not Even Smoke in VPC's Latest Whine About Right-To-Carry
illeffec.txt 11269
The Ill Effects of Gun Control, by David Mercer (October 31, 1995)
inexpens.txt 6073
The Myth of the "Saturday Night Special" by Eugene J. Wolberg
infoanti.txt 22764
List of Anti-Gun Associations (January, 1996)
infolett.txt 1470
Letter from Charlton Heston to NRA Board Member Colonel Bob Brown (1997)
insp.txt 33877
Listing of Inspector's Marks on Firearms
isilgun.txt 12311
Gun Control,Patriotism and Civil Disobedience by Jacob G. Hornberger
israel.txt 12577
Some Overviews on Israel's Gun Politics, by Abraham N. Tennenbaum
japan.txt 25026
Japan: Gun Control and People Control, by David B. Kopel (1988)
jewgun 22634
The Nazi Link to the Gun Control Act of 1968
jpfo.txt 8336
Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership: Introduction
judgegun.shy 12832
Gun-Shy Judges, by Jacob Sullum
militia.txt 3447
Why You Should Be Part of the North Carolina State Defense Militia
nazi-us.gun 5282
Comparing Nazi and US Gun Laws, by Alan Bock, Orange County Register
nra_fact.crd 14696
NRA Firearms Fact Card 1993
nra_lib.spt 2416
NRA Changes Candidate Endorsement Procedures (Libertarian Party News, August 1990)
nra_nums 6410
The NRA Phone List
nra_obj 7677
NRA Purposes and Objectives
nra_wod 5633
The NRA's Position on the War on Drugs
p-cp.txt 3508
A Collection of Gun-Related Quotes from the Past 200 years
quotes.txt 61620
Some Collected Quotes, from the Combat Arms BBS (August 7, 1994)
quotes2.txt 42860
Quotations from my "Private" Collection
rbaisue.txt 4096
History Shows that Efforts to Limit Right to Bear Arms is a Cultural Issue, Unreleated to Extent of Crime, from Massachusetts Liberty
reason5.txt 10496
Reasonable Positions Gun Owners Take as they Give Up Our Rights by Stuart Hutchings and Larry Kahhan
staggers.txt 15998
Why the Staggers Instant Background Check is Not a Harmless Alternative to the Brady Bill, by Publius
timekill.txt 5299
A Time to Kill by J. Neil Schulman (1993)
unabridg.txt 12569
The Unabridged Second Amendment by J. Neil Schulman
votebeas.txt 4173
Did your Representative Vote for the Beast? By the NRA
weapons.txt 13028
Vehicular Long Barrel Weapons Mount by David W. Psenti, Special Agent FBI
yearold.txt 2936
PRESS RELEASE: NRA Responds to Abysmal Results of Year-old Gun Control Scheme

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