Electronic Magazines

Of all the sections, this one should be the most out-of-date and incomplete. Essentially this section will be all the "Electronic Magazines" or "E-Zines" that started out on BBSes and spread to the Internet.

Instead of losing individual textfiles in the sea of BBSes, many writers chose instead to move to the "Magazine" model, where they would band together textfiles and release them as a group. This strengthened the chances of the files surviving and also made for impressive file sizes, a sign of quality to people browsing sites.

In many cases, the years listed are just what years I have collected, not the canonically known years the publication has existed. Every once in a while I go through and try to find more recent (or older) copies of the work to add.

Description of the Textfile
1APhirst Amendment (1993)
40HEX40HEX Virus Magazine (1992-Present)
411The 411 Newsletter (1994)
ABBAThe Anti-Big Brother Association (1993-1994)
AFTERSHOCKAfterShoCk! (1993)
ALIVEAlive Virus Magazine (1994)
ANARCHYTODAYAnarchy Today (1989)
ANEAnarchy N' Explosives (1989)
ANGSTAngst Digest (1994)
ANUSAmerican Nihilist Underground Society (1989)
AOTDThe Art of Technology Digest (1992)
ARMADILLOArmadillo Culture (1994)
ASKIAssociated Spread of the Knowledge of Information (1992-1993)
ASSAryan Sekret Service (Unknown)
ASTRALAstral Avenue (1986-1987)
ATAnarchistic Tendencies (1988-1989)
ATHENEThe ATHENE Amateur Creative Writing Magazine (1989-1990)
ATIActivist Times, Inc. (1988-1993)
ATMOSPHERICSAtmospherics (1994-1997)
AWAAnti-Warez Association (1993)
BAD Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade (1990-1992)
BADSECTORBad Sector (1994)
BANGSONICBang Sonic Digest (1994-1995)
BEBarata Eletrica (1994-1995)
BITSBYTESBits And Bytes Online (1993-1994)
BLAHBig Long and Hairy (1992-1994)
BLASTBlast FAMY (1994)
BOWThe Brotherhood of Warez (1994-1999)
BRAILLEThe Braille Monitor (1994-1995)
BREAKAWAYBreakaway Magazine (1994)
BREATHEBreathe E-zine (1996-1997)
BRITCOMEDYBritcomedy Digest (1994-1996)
BTNBirmingham Telecommunications News (1992-1996?)
BTRBeneath the Remains (1994-1995)
BTWBizzare Types of Warez (1994-1995)
C101Cracking 101 (1990)
CDUGDComputer Down-Under-Ground Digest (1991-1992)
CHACKINGCommodore Hacking Magazine (1992-Present)
CHALISTIChalisti (German) (1990-1991)
CHAOSThe Chaos Chronicles (1991)
CHAOSCORNERChaos Corner (1992-1996)
CHEAPTRUTH Cheap Truth (1983-1986)
CHNConnecticut Hacker Newsgroup (Unknown)
CHURCHOFVRThe Church of Virtuality Reality (1992)
CIACenter of Intelligent Anarchists (1994)
CITROCitronic Journal (1994)
COMNETThe Com Net News (CNN) (1994)
COMSECThe Communications Security Bulletin (1984-Present)
CONSORTIUMThe Consortium (1994)
CORECORE Magazine (1993)
COTNOCommunications of the New Order (1993-1995)
COUSINSCousins: A Pagan Journal (1991-1993)
CPICorrupted Programing International (1989)
CRANKCrank (1994-1995)
CRASHThe Crash Update (1991-1993)
CRISNEWSComputer Virus Research and Information Service (1993-1994)
CRITICALCritical Mass: A Technical Textfile Newsletter (1990-1992)
CROPDUSTERCropduster (1993-1994)
CRYPTCrypt Newsletter (1992-1993)
CUDThe Computer Underground Digest (1990-1998)
CULTDEADCATCult of the Dead Cat (1994-1995)
CURRENTCITIESCurrent Cities (1990-Present)
CVCyberspace Vanguard (1992-1993)
CYBERPHUCKCyber Phuck Magazines (Unknown)
CYBERRIGHTSCyber Rights Now! (1995)
CYBERSENIORThe CyberSenior Review (1994-1997)
DAMMITDemented Anarchists and Malicious Malignant Inventors of Terror (1992)
DARGONZINEDargonZine (1988-Present)
DBCDurex Blender Corporation (1988-1992)
DDEDistorted Digital Erection (1994)
DELAWARERAILThe Delaware Valley Rail Passenger (1992-1995)
DELIRIUMDelirium (1994)
DEMONEWSDemo News (1994-1996)
DFPDigital Free Press (1992)
DFSDamned Fucking Shit (1993-1996)
DIGITALMURDERDigital Murder (1991)
DMPDigital Media Perspective (1994-1995)
DSPDead Smoking Punx (Unknown)
DUBDUB: The Monitor of Hip Hop Culture in Mainstream Media (1994)
DUMBDumb (Unknown)
DWEDark World Enterprises (1993)
EFFEFFector Online (Formerly EFF News) (1991-1993)
EJOURNALEJournal (1991-1996)
ELEKTRIXElektrix Magazine (1990)
EMPIREThe Empire Times (1992-1995)
ETCETERAEt Cetera: The Zine of Everything and Nothing (1994-1995)
EUTHANASIAThe Church of Euthanasia (1992-1999)
FATNIPPLESFat Nipples E-Zine (1994)
FBIFreakers Bureau Incorporated (1991)
FINGALSFingal's Cave (1994)
FJOURNALThe Free Journal (1991-1992)
FOLFiction Online (1994-2000)
FONGUFongu Magazine (1996)
FREEDOMFreedom Magazine (1992-1993)
FROGFARMThe Frog Farm (1993)
FRONTIERFrontier Console Magazine (1994)
FSFNETBITNET Fantasy-Science Fiction Fanzine (1985-1988)
FUCKFucked Up College Kids (1993-2000)
FUCTFUCT Magazine (1993)
FULLDISCFull Disclosure (1991)
FUNHOUSEFunhouse: The Cyberzine of Degenerate Pop Culture (1992-1993)
GLOBETROTTERGlobe Trotter (1988)
GWDGreeny World Domination (1993-Present)
HAAHackers and Anarchists Anonymous (Unknown)
HACKHacking and Computer Crashing (1984)
HAKDH0'z ASCII/Anarchy Komputers and Drugz (1994)
HARDCOREHardC. O. R. E. (1993-1994)
HAROLDHERALDThe Harold Herald (1994-1995)
HCHHard Core Hackers (1994)
HDIRECTORYThe Hacker's Directory (Unknown)
HDKHippie Dippie Klub (1993)
HELTERSKELTERHelter Skelter (1995)
HNETH-Net Magazine (1990)
HOEThe Hogs of Entropy (1994-Present)
HTOMCThe Holy Temple of Mass Consumption (1993)
HUHackers Unlimited (1989)
HUMUSThe Humus Report (1988-1992)
HWThe Hacker's Warehouse (1994)
IBFTI Bleed for This? (1994-1996)
IBPIgh Bah Poo (1993-1995)
ICSInformation, Communication, Supply (1993-1995)
IDCIYRTI Don't Care if You Read This (Unknown)
ILLEGALIllegal: The Cracker Magazine (1985-1988)
IMPRIMISImprimis, On Line (1992-1995)
INFORMATIKInformatik: The Journal of Priv. Information (1991-1992)
INTERFACEInterface by Ben Henry (1993-1995)
INTERMOSHInterMOSH Magazine (1992)
INTERTEXTInterText (1991-1993)
INTERZINEInterZine (1993)
IRGThe International Rogues Guild (1990-1991)
JAUCThe Journal of American Underground Computing (1994-1995)
JOAUCThe Journal of American Undergound Computing (1994)
JONASJonas (1995-1997)
KCAHK.C.A.H. (1990)
KGBK-Rad GNUz and Bullshit (1994)
KLINEDK-Lined (Unknown)
KULTCHAThe Issue of Kultcha and the Culture of Issue (1986)
LNOIZLine Noiz (1993-1995)
LNRLove N' Rage Electronic Edition (1993)
LODThe Legion of Doom/Hacking Technical Journal (1987-1993)
LOLLegions of Lucifer (1990-1991)
LOUDLYRIXLoud Lyrix (1994)
LPFThe League for Programming Freedom (1991-1992)
LWSThe Adventures of Lone Wolf Scientific (1991)
M00SEM00se Dr0pings Magazine (1988-1990)
MAGIKMaster Anarchists Giving Illicit Knowledge (1993)
METALMADNESSMetal Madness (1993)
METAZINEMetazine: The Warez Review (Unknown)
MHPCMidnight Hackers Private Club (Unknown)
MIKEMike's Madness (1989-1990)
MILKMighty Illicit Liquid Kollection (1994-1995)
MINDCRIMEMindcrime (1994)
MINDFLOWMindFlow (1994)
MINDWARPMind Warp (1994-1996)
MINIAIRThe mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR") (1994-1995)
MISCUnsorted Magazine Directory (Kind of like a Magazine Rack)
MISFITSThe Misfits (1992-1993)
MLHMiniSport Laptop Hacker (1992-1998)
MODERNZThe Phoenix/Panther Modernz Magazine (1990-1992)
MOGELSome of Mogel's Works
MONEYINCMoney Incorporated Textmag (1994-1996)
MORETHANONEMore Than One (1992-1994)
MORGUEThe Morgue Text Reader (1993)
MORPOThe Morpo Review (1994-Present)
NARCNuclear Phreakers Hackers Carders (1989)
NASTY National Alliance of Superior Technological Youth (1991)
NETCOMMUNITYNetworks and Community, Compiled by Sam Sternberg (1993-1994)
NEUROCACTUSNeurocactus Bulletin (1993)
NFXThe New Fone Express Electronic Edition (1991)
NHAThe Network Hackers' Alliance (1991)
NIANetwork Information Access (1989-1991)
NOFThe News of Freedom (1994)
NONSERVIAMNon Serviam (1993)
NOWAYNo Way (In French) (1994)
NSANational Security Anarchists (1991)
NUKEThe NuKE Info Journal (1991-1994)
NULLIFIDIANThe Nullifidian / Lucifer's Echo (1994-1996)
NUTWORKSNutworks Magazine (1985-1990)
NWRNew World Reader (1994-1995)
NYQUILNyquil (Unknown)
OCAPOrange Cats Are Pretty (1993)
OCEANIAORACLEOceania Oracle (1994)
ONESHOTSZines That Only Produced One Issue
PABPete and Bernie's Philosophical Steakhouse (1994-1995)
PACSPublic-Access Computer Systems News (1990-1995)
PANARCHYPractical Anarchy (1992-1993)
PAOPractical Anarchy Online (1992-1994)
PARTHENOGENESISParthenogenesis (1993)
PEZPoop Enlightenment Zine/Really Elite Doodz (1994-1995)
PFPThe Peter Funk Press (1994)
PHANTASYPHANTASY: From the International Information Retrieval Guild (1990-1993)
PHATEPhreaking Hacking and Terrorism Enterprises (1992-1993)
PHRACKPHRACK Magazine (1985-Present)
PHUCKEDPhucked Phreak Productions (1991)
PHUKPhreakers/Hackers in the United Kingdom (1994)
PHUNPhreakers Hackers Underground Newsletter (1988-1990)
PIRATEPIRATE Magazine (1989-1990)
PLAThe Phone Losers of America (1994-1995)
POETSCORNERThe Poets' Corner by Keven Keyser (1987-1989)
POMPolitics Online Magazine (1994-1995)
POUPEYPoor Old Ugly Pompous Electronic Yams (Unknown)
PPICPhose Phree Inner Circle (1994)
PPPPhuckin' Phield Phreakers (aka Outdoor Life) (1989)
PRIVATELINEPrivate Line: A Journal Of Inquiry into the Phone System (1994)
PUPropoganda Unlimited (1994-1995)
PUCKTALESPucktales (Unknown)
PUDPizza Underground Digest (1993)
PURPSThe Purple Thunderbolt of SPODE (1990-1992)
RAHRandom Access Humor (1993)
RATRebel Anarchistic Tendencies (1990-1993)
REVIVALRevival Magazine (1993-1994)
RICUSRhode Island Computer Underground Society Newsletter (1992-1993)
RRRRandy's Rumor Rag (1991-1995)
SARKOSarko (1994)
SCAMSCAM! Magazine (1993)
SCREAMScream Baby (1992-1995)
SCROLLSThe Scrolls of Serenia (Unknown)
SFFSThe BITNET Fantasy-Science Fiction Fanzine (1986-1988)
SHASwedish Hacker's Association Newsletter (1990)
SIASlightly Insane Anarchists (Unknown)
SLISouthern Lights Magazine (1993-1995)
SOAThe Screams of Abel (1992-1993)
SOBThe Soverigns of Bell (1993-1995)
SOSThe Scrolls of Serenia (Unknown)
SOSHUTUPThe Society of Skene Harmony, Unity, Trust, and Unbiased Propriety (1993-1994)
SOUBState of UnBeing (1994-Present)
SPACEPOWERSpace Power Digest (1993)
SPHEARSPHEAR Digizine (1994)
SPILLEDINKSpilled Ink (1994-1998)
SRJSand River Journal (1993-1995)
SSNSub-Space News (1992-1993)
STBShort Talk Bulletin (Reprint) (1923-1935)
STTSSunlight Through The Shadows (1993-1995)
SUBSubterranian Technologies Magazine (1994)
SUPERSTUPIDThe Super Stupid Slambook (1994)
SURFPUNKThe Surfpunk Technical Journal (Mailing List) (1992-1994)
SWEDISHVarious Swedish Magazines
TAMERSHREWTamer Shrew (1992-1996)
TANJThere Ain't No Justice (1988-Present)
TAPTAP Magazine Online (1990)
TAPROOTTaproot (1992-1995)
TAYLOROLOGYTaylorology (1993-2000)
TCWFThe Toxic Custard Workshop Files (1990-Present)
TELETIMESInternational Teletimes (1993-1994)
TFJThe Free Journal ASCII Edition (1991-1992)
THINKINGMark Perkel's Thinking Magazine (1991-1992)
THOThe Hidden Obvious (1994)
TIATrapped in Absence (1996)
TLSThe Lawless Society (1991-1992)
TNATechnical News Association (1993)
TOLMESTolmes News Service, by Hugo P. Tolmes (1987-1988)
TOTTricks of the Trade (1994-1996)
TOXICSHOCKToxic Shock (1989-1991)
TRIThe Remote Informer (1987)
TRUECPTrue Cyberpunk (1993)
TSRThe Syndicate Report (1986-1989)
TUCThe Undiscovered Country (1992-1994)
TURBOTurbo Zine (Unknown)
TWATThe Winner ANSI Team (1994)
TWILIGHTWORLDTwilight Zone (1993-1995)
TYMETwisted Young Minds Expand (1994-1996)
UCPHUnderground Community of Phreaks and Hackers (1994)
ULTRAUnderground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists (1991)
UNPLASTICThe Unplastic News (1991-1992)
UPIUnited Phreakers Incorporated (1990-1992)
UPPER10Upper10 (Unknown)
URBANUndaground Rap Blastin Asiatic Newsletter (1994)
USUUnited States Underground (1993-1994)
UTMUnderground Technologies Magazine (1994)
UXUUnderground eXperts United (1991-Present)
VASVaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter (1992-1994)
VOICESVoices From the Net (1993)
VOMITVomit (Unknown)
W0OLw0ol Magazine (Unknown)
WAREZThe Warez Magazine (Unknown)
WHATEVERWhatever Ramblings by Alex Swain (1992-1995)
WHIRLWINDWhirlwind (1994-1995)
WORDOFGODThe Word of God (1989)
WORLDVIEWDer Weltanschauung Magazine (The WorldView) (1991-1992)
WPOSWorthless Piece of Shit (1994)
WWNEWSWeakly Weird News (1994)
XENOXenocide / Electronic Deicide (1992-1993)
XENONXenon Foundation / The X Files (1993-1994)
YGDRASILYGDRASIL Magazine: A Journal of the Poetic Arts (1994-1996)
ZIGZAGZigZag Magazine (1993-1994)
ZNETZ*NET Magazine: The Online Atari 8-Bit Resource (1986-1992)
electron.jnl 38953
What is an Electronic Journal? By John Franks, Northwestern University, 1993
zineguide.txt 23916
San Francisco Zine Publishers Resource Guide, by R. Seth Friedman of Food for Thought Industries

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