BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile
CONTROVERSYCorrespondence or Essays Regarding Fido-Related Controversy
GENERALFiles Regarding Tom Jennings and Fido, Not Otherwise Classified
HISTORYFiles Recounting FidoNet History or Interviews with Tom Jennings
IMAGESImages, Drawings, Photographs and Scans of FidoNet History
POLITICSFiles Covering General (Non-Fido) Politics, from Various Sources
PROGRAMSEarly Programs Associated with FidoNet or of FidoNet
STANDARDSFiles Describing or Discussing FidoNet Standards (See Also CONTROVERSY)
TEXFiles Regarding FidoNet in TEX Format (Printing Language)
UNRELATEDFiles Only Peripherally Mentioning Fido and Tom Jennings (See Also POLITICS)

There are 9 directories.