BBS Destruction and Hacking

This section of files contains how-tos and stories centered around the dark flipside of the BBS world: BBS hacking. This is the process of somehow breaking into a BBS program, the actual program that runs the BBS, and then either halting it, deleting it, or otherwise taking down the machine.

By doing this, of course, the users would bring to a crashing halt the only line of communication that community had; the single machine that everyone's words and thoughts were being kept. Taken from this perspective, it seems foolish, but in some locations there were a lot of BBSes, and in many cases, the BBS would be back up, shaken but not gone, by the next morning.

One can make an argument for the feeling of power this might give a young modem user. One also can't discount the scads of bland, uninteresting BBSes that populated the landscape, who only provided an interest to those who could penetrate its meager defenses and shake it by the scruff of the neck.

Of course, the software designed for bulletin boards in the 1980's was often the work of programmers using their spare time, so while the security would be existent, it would not be bulletproof. In the case of some programs (like the GBBS software), the code would be in something like the BASIC computer language, and certain Back Doors that had been put into the program were then known to all. By giving these BBS programs the wrong information at the right time, users could make the system die, or worse, get access to the command prompt of the BBS computer, causing havok all over the place.

Description of the Textfile
abusebbs.txt 10527
The BBS Abusing Handbook by The Joker
abuser.txt 10950
The Best Ways to Abuse a BBS by The Joker
applenet.ana 3264
How to have Fun with Apple-Net BBSes
applhak 1973
Hacking Apple BBSes: A Collection of Hints
b-door.txt 959
Backdoor for PCExpress V1.0 Registered by iLLeGaL e?Ror
batdis.txt 7871
Computer Terror and Destruction Issue #1: BBS Infiltration
bbsenter.hac 3940
BBS Crashing Techniques, by Mr. Memorex
bbshack.txt 18874
The Really Fine Art of BBS Hackingm by Vortex of HIT Inc.
beepoff.bgr 3859
Creating Beeping BBS Annoyance, by Abigwar
board.des 3072
Destroying an Apple II Board by Doctor Crunch
bom-hack.txt 12007
How to Hack Your Favorite BBS Systems by Raven of BOM
breakbbs 4425
What to Do When You Break Into a BBS, by Doctor Crunch
crashae.hac 1495
Crashing AE Lines, by Delta Master
crashc.txt 7629
The How to File on Crasking a C-Net Part Two by Ditto and Shlomo
crashcom.txt 5949
How to Crash a Commodore BBS, by The Highwayman of Chaotic Computing
crashem.ana 8884
What to Do when you Break into a BBS, by Dr. Crunch
crshgbbs.hac 3770
How to Crash GBBS II Boards
crshnw.txt 10752
Crashing Networks, the Causes and Prevention, by the Oracle of Delos
forum.hac 7012
Crashing Forum Boards by Panther Man
frymodem.txt 2518
The Anti Modem Weapon by Amiga Trading Board BBS
hack-pcb.txt 3744
A Simple Way to Hack Around PC-BOARD And Succeed by Sniper
hack6.txt 4544
System Crusher Part II or How to Crash a BBS II, by Grim Raper and Mind Master (October 1987)
hackcom.txt 6438
DOCUMENTATION: HackBBS v0.2 COM Only Version by Virogen (June 29, 1993)
hacker.txt 6265
Attention all PC Board Sysops! Beware of a User Called RAM DRIVE!
hackrene.txt 4736
Hacking Into Renegade BBSes by Slide N Gutz
hackrg.txt 1766
A Serious Flaw in Renegade BBS Software
hacktlgd.txt 1757
How to Hack into a Telegard Board by Caramon Majere
hackwwiv.txt 7790
Hacking into WWIV, Second Edition by Vision
hermes.hak 3307
Hermes Back-Door (Hacking the Hermes BBS Software) by Dookie (November 13, 1992)
hermes_backdoor.txt 2144
How to Become a Sysop on Any Hermes System (December 13, 1992)
hhackin4 14917
Hacking the Oxgate Public Bulletin Board System by The 0mega & Lord Vision
hobo.txt 100631
Havok Crashes a BBS and Prints out a Userlist (December, 1993)
kevin.txt 5231
Kevin Dahlstedt describes major security breaches in Wildcat! BBSes
killbird2.ana 4096
How to Crash a BBS Part II by Grim Reaper
killwwiv.txt 4480
Kill the Lamer SysOP's Computer! By the Crypt Keeper and The Evil Master
lol14.txt 14054
Hacking & Crashing: Emulex/2, Forum Hacks, WWiV, and Telegard by Legions of Lucifer and PHUCK (January 15, 1991)
majorbbs.txt 1138
Some MajorBBS Backdoors, by Enigma
mish19.txt 13056
Networks (BBS Program Hacking) by The MinuteMan (May 26th, 1984)
net-work.txt 4825
A Tutorial On how to Fuck Up Net-Works, by The Minuteman, 3/26/1984
ra.txt 5402
Fun with Random Access BBS Software, by Vince Niel 3954
How to Destroy an RBBS-PC System by Mad Hacker
real-ra.txt 12665
Why the "Fun with RA boards" hacking method is LAME (The REAL way to hack RemoteAccess) by ByTe RyDeR
renehack.txt 8325
Hacking Renegade 07-17 by Tokyo of PSW
rghf.txt 2102
DOCUMENTATION: Renegade History Finder (June 1993) by Kris Greer
rgst.txt 3839
DOCUMENTATION: Renegade Smart Trojan (June, 1993)
rrg-wwv2.txt 11671
The Rebel Riting Guild: Having Phun on WWIV II by The Evil Master (December 3, 1991)
rrg-wwv3.txt 9978
The Rebel Riting Guild: Having Phun on WWIV III by the Evil Master (December 9, 1991)
screwbbs.txt 10600
The Best Way to Abuse a BBS
telefard.hac 2137
How to hack into a Telegard board, by Carmon Majere
trash.pcb 3134
How People Crash a 10.0 PCBOARD, by Jeremy Kruse (Ninja)
wildcat.hck 6694
How to hack WildCat! 4.0 by RoBoTiC HaMSTeR
wildcat.txt 1664
how to Hack Wildcat by Virus in 1994
wwivcrakdoc.hac 5576
Kill the lamer SysOp's computer! By The Crypt Keeper and The Evil Master of WCCP

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